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Fed up with using eyebrow pencils and mascara? Achieve a semi permanent fix for fuller shaped brows and darker lashes.


Eyelash Tint

£ 9

Eyebrow Tint

£ 9


New customers - patch test required 24 hrs prior to treatment.




MYscara, the semi-permanent black mascara that lifts, curls, adds volume, is smudge proof and waterproof lasts for 2 weeks.


MYscara treatment

£ 35

MYscara treatment with Eyelash Tint

£ 40


MYscara removal is free of charge.


Aftercare -


How to look after your lashes
For the first 2 hours: Do not allow water to contact the lashes.
For the first 2 days: Do not wash lashes with hot water or steam the face. Avoid swimming or exercise that causes excess sweating.




Do not cover the eyelash area: This can cause lashes to curl or overlap each other. Avoid sleeping on your face this can bend lashes and cause overlapping. Avoid rubbing eyes and lashes. Avoid heat treatments such as steam rooms/ saunas/ tanning beds.


If required use only water soluble mascara.


Do not use makeup remover on lashes.


Do not use any products near the eyes that contain oil, for example moisturiser, eye serum etc...


Do not attempt to pick off lash coating as this May result in pulling out natural lashes.


Do not attempt to remove coating yourself.


Professional removal only.


Lash coating should be removed every 2-3 weeks.


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